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Here at Elevator Placement Services we are currently storing and distributing lift and escalator equipment for multiple major lift companies here in Melbourne. offering exceptional storage space close to the CBD.

Our yard space is large enough to load and unload trucks of all kinds and also receive and unload 40ft containers that we have unpacked and stored the contents off with efficient success. Within our newly available warehouse, we plan to set up pallet racking and mark out room for the storage of lift and escalator equipment.

As an extra, we also offer a fenced off area that only you have access to, to store all of your service equipment, your unused lift and escalator equipment and any extras you wish to store. A sign with your companies’ logo can be attached to the fencing along with green mesh and a lock for security if you wish to have in place. Pallet racking can also be set up in the area for greater storage space.


Transport of lifts and escalators is another service we can offer. The lifts and escalators you store in our warehouses can be delivered to the job site and unloaded with our own forklifts.  We can also prepare the loads for on-site crane off. Our experienced forklift operators will place all your items in way that is easily accessible for the installer. and we have truck mounted crane's for getting boxes a few level up or some where a forklift might not be able to get to. we also offer tailgate loaders for carting toolboxes or test weights which have the capability of getting in to 2.0 metre car parks. our staff all have any nessecary accreditaations and have always worked well with unions. 

If you wish to inquire more about our extensive range of services we can supply you with our Introduction and Information Pack, and we invite you to also come and meet our friendly staff here at Elevator Placement Services and Lift Logistics & Transport Pty Ltd.

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We have the qualities you're looking for and pride ourselves on being able to get the job done.